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Bakutel already has a great history. We have this exhibition for twenty years. It already shows that from the point of view of ICT development Azerbaijan became one of the centers of the region… We implement the policy of transforming the black gold, which is oil, to human gold – human capital. Therefore Bakutel opens a lot of opportunities for companies to work in Azerbaijan, to take advantage of the growing economy of Azerbaijan. At the same time, it allows us to be part of modern, international, technological development, and plus it is education because thousands of young Azerbaijanis have been trained here working in different international companies and attending educational courses. So this has a lot of positive impacts on the development of the country, its modernization and successful future.

From the interview of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev

with the Euronews TV channel



The BakuTel exhibition brings international ICT companies, government and media together under the same roof. Covering many vertical industries, including logistics, tourism, education, healthcare BakuTel is the right platform to maximize profitability, reduce costs and manage risk. Every year, the exhibition attracts the main players, experts and industry professionals as it offers a platform for presenting the achievements of the telecommunications and information technologies sector. It also showcases innovative ideas and projects and acts as a venue to hold discussions and establish valuable business relations.



  • The largest telecommunications exhibition in the Caspian basin and the Caucasus
  • Opportunity to promote services and products to the specialists, professionals and visitors of the exhibition
  • Opportunity to meet qualified and motivated potential partners and buyers at one place
  • Indispensable platform to receive significant information about new services and products on the market
  • Exchange of ideas and experience between international and local professionals of the sphere of ICT at business forums, specialized events and seminars in the frame of exhibition
  • Opportunity to participate at the professional and social side events of the exhibition



  • Communication & Networks
  • Devices & Accessories
  • Digital Business Solutions
  • ECM & Input/Output Solutions
  • ERP & Data Analysis
  • IT Infrastructure & Data Centers
  • IT Services
  • Research & Innovation
  • Security
  • Web & Mobile




Each year Bakutel gathers the leading companies in the telecommunications market in one venue, which acts as the main arena for the demonstration of IT products and services, where contacts are made and new enterprises are created. The exhibition will be attended by the leading Azerbaijani ICT companies and mobile and communications operators, internet providers, systems integrators and distributors for well-known brands. The exhibition creates an opportunity for young specialists to share detailed information about their inventions, programmes and services at the biggest ICT event in the region.

Dr Ali Abbasov

Minister for Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan


I know the history of this important international exhibition as I have taken part in it on twelve occasions. Bakutel is always organized to the highest international standard, and every year I notice how rapidly the information and communication technologies sector is developing in Azerbaijan.

Dr Hamadoun Toure,

Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union


Bakutel is extremely important, both for Azerbaijan and for all the countries in the Caspian region. The geographical spread of the exhibition’s participants is sufficiently broad and covers many countries around the world, with the number of participants increasing every year.

Ororzobek Kalykov,

Head of the ITU Area Office for the CIS Countries


It is important that almost all of the major global vendors are represented here. This once again demonstrates the prestige of Bakutel. In addition, the participants are extremely diverse; there is something for everyone here.                                        

Rashid Ismailov,

Deputy Minister for Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation


The current 20th Anniversary Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference, Bakutel 2014, clearly demonstrates how rapidly information technologies are evolving in Azerbaijan and in the region as a whole.

Nuriddin Mukhitdinov,

CEO, the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications


Meeting the high requirements of the largest companies in the industry, Bakutel exhibition and conference has been one of the most anticipated events in the country and the region, and for the last 20 years remains in the focus of attention of the major players in the market. The exhibition provides the opportunity for constructive dialogue to identify the paths of development and solve the pressing challenges of the ICT sector.

John E. Davies,

Vice President, Intel Corporation


For many years, Bakutel has successfully brought together a multitude of telecom companies to introduce them to potential partners. It is a perfect opportunity for demonstrating the capacity and advantages of Komtel Technologies on the ICT market of Azerbaijan!

Alpay Ozceviz,

Country Account Manager, Komtel Technologies


Bakutel, which ITAZERCOM has only begun to work with in the past year, is of great importance in terms of the convergence of interests between Italy and Azerbaijan. Our participation in this exhibition will further strengthen the partnership and friendship between our countries!

Manuela Traldi,

President of the Italy-Azerbaijan Trade Institute, ITAZERCOM


We highly evaluate the Bakutel exhibition which gives a good chance of finding new clients and expanding horizons on the market. Bakutel is a good heralding event not only in this country and region, but also at worldwide scale.

Khalid Javadov,

Deputy Managing Director, TMM Telecom


I want to note the important role played by Bakutel, which for 20 years has proved to be a very important platform for demonstrating new technologies in the country. It provides a guide to telecommunications and high technology, where the latest achievements are showcased and a dialogue between market players take place. This exhibition promotes Azerbaijani technologies in the international arena in the best possible way..

Dr Arie Mishna,

CEO, Israel-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (IACCI)




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