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27.09.2013 14:05

Kazakhstans interest in TASIM project increases

Kazakhstan's interests in Trans-Eurasia Information Superhighway (TASIM) project increased, Executive Director on Infrastructural Projects of JSC KazTransCom Alexandr Kislitsyn told Trend by telephone.

"The head of the presidential administration took the project under personal control. Accordingly, its importance in Kazakhstan has increased. Perhaps now we will make more efforts to promote the project faster," Kislitsyn said.

According to him, at the moment the negotiations continue between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan on the construction of the Caspian segment of TASIM fibre-optic cable line.

"Activation of relations [between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan] is continuing. We are currently conducting correspondence, telephone conversations. Practically all aspects of the relationship have been discussed," Kislitsyn said.

According to him, the representatives of the KazTransCom plan to arrive in Baku by late 2013 to discuss the construction of the Caspian segment of fibre-optic cable line bilaterally. Most likely, the meeting will be held in October-November.

At the same time, the construction of underwater cable line will not start in six months, Kislitsyn said.

"In winter, no one will build anything. Construction on the water will begin when the ice will melt and the ground will thaw out ... If the soil is frozen we will not start works till early May, Kislitsyn said.

TASIM is a regionally significant project aimed at laying trans-national fibre-optic lines covering Eurasian countries, from Western Europe to Eastern Asia.

The project envisages the creation of a major transit line from Frankfurt to Hong Kong.

The network that brings together the biggest information exchange centres of Europe and Asia, will run through the territories of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, China, Kazakhstan to Germany.

An alternative north transit communication line will be laid through the territories of Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

Currently, the TASIM project includes such countries as Russia (Rostelecom), Kazakhstan (KazTransCom), Turkey (TurkTelecom), China (ChinaTelecom), as well as Azerbaijani Azertelekom.

The project is aimed at reducing poverty, accelerating economic growth. It may also play a leading role in region's development.

Earlier the UN adopted three resolutions on the TASIM project, which support the initiative on creation of TASIM cable line.

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