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05.12.2015 15:05

BAKUTEL 2015: global high-tech brands

Today is the closing day of the 21st Azerbaijan International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition, Bakutel 2015, which has been organised by Iteca Caspian and Caspian Event Organisers (CEO) at the Baku Expo Centre. The high status of the exhibition has been underlined by visits in recent years from the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.

In his address to the participants of Bakutel 2015, the head of state stressed that the exhibition and conference have become traditional events, with great potential in terms of showcasing the latest achievements, exchange of experience and business contacts. At the exhibition, with the participation of the President of Azerbaijan, an agreement was signed between JSC Azerkosmos and the French company Arianespace for the launch into orbit of Azerbaijan's second satellite.

Interest in this event from international participants to is constantly growing. Overall, 203 companies from 21 countries participated in the Bakutel 2015 exhibition and conference. This year, the increase in the number of participating countries was demonstrated by the impressive amount of national pavilions, thus reflecting the expanding scope of the event. Foreign businessmen and investors come to Baku to observe the local market and find partners and distributors. The large-scale forum Bakutel serves as an excellent tool for navigating the world of ICT within the region. Azerbaijan is one of the most dynamically developing countries in the field of information and communication technologies and this is recognised by all market players. By launching the Azerspace-1 and Azersky satellites, our country has joined the World Space family. The projects that have successfully been implemented so far include the Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) and Europe - Middle East Information Highway, which was initiated by Azerbaijan. State support for innovative production and investment projects and are key to the development of high-tech sector within the country and surrounding region.

The material status of the exhibition, i.e. the level of technical equipment at the stands, has been particularly impressive. The exhibitions are designed to showcase modern technology, the best projects in the global ICT market and the advanced developments of talented programmers. Against the backdrop of such high-ranking innovation, local experts have proved themselves more than worthy. Many Azerbaijani participants presented their own software development, and their national products meet international standards.

Traditionally, the large number of visitors is due to the popularity of the exhibition, as Bakutel demonstrates the best samples of the world’s famous brands within the IT Industry on an annual basis. Thousands of fans, from students to industry professionals, visit the exhibitions to find the answers to a number of pressing questions, and use it as an opportunity to engage in active dialogue, test out a number of new gadgets and participate in international seminars.

The impact of visitors' interest isn't just due to the discovery of new engineering design ideas. On the whole, the exhibition is a spectrum of gaming software and dynamic, intelligent forms of development within the current generation. Quizzes, test drives, contests and competitions have stimulated the most lively response, especially among young people. The organisers of Bakutel provided an excellent surprise; performances from the famous illusionist, Tom London, from the Magic Circle circus of London, which will be hugely memorable for all visitors.

The uniqueness of the exhibition is due to the fact that it successfully and organically combines many modern trends that are present in the technology we use in our daily lives - from gadgets, innovation and technology parks to the European Formula 1 Grand Prix and space explorations. The key trends of 2015 include new generation IT solutions, the national broadband Internet platforms, 4G and 5G mobile technologies, services in the field of fibre optics technology and cloud computing, e-Government, new technologies for the Smart Azerbaijan project and information security.

Advantageous meetings between representatives, scientists, experts from the participating countries, business representatives and members of the public, as well as reports and speeches heard at the conference, will no doubt have contributed to the identification of new areas of international cooperation.





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